Monday, July 27, 2009

Jenis-Jenis Coklat

Officially, there are three kinds of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa mass (also called cocoa liquor), cocoa butter and sugar. The content of cocoa solids – that is the dried fraction of all cocoa substances – varies between 35 and 70% or more. The higher the cocoa content, the more bitterness you will experience. To real chocoholics, there is only one real chocolate: very dark, bitter chocolate with a very high cocoa content.
Milk chocolate contains the same ingredients as dark chocolate, with milk powder added to give the chocolate a lighter brown color and a creamy texture and taste. For certain recipes, Barry Callebaut even selects special milk powders that develop a caramel kind of flavor.
White chocolate contains milk, sugar and cocoa butter but no cocoa liquor (cocoa mass). That explains the pale, ivory color of this sweet chocolate.
Couverture is a chocolate with a high fat content of at least 31% and mainly produced for bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers. This means at least 31% cocoa butter in dark chocolate, and 31% of cocoa butter and milk fat in milk chocolate. This gives the chocolate an extreme richness and “hardness”, and the ability to create astonishing pralines with a very thin yet crunchy chocolate layer.
French chocolate is a question of “goût” (taste): very dark and strong with a high cocoa content, so very bitter and very intense! In short: the way the French like their chocolate! For their pralines and pastries French chocolatiers and chefs are famous for creating very daring and sometimes extreme contrasts: special, fine and oh so tasteful!
When you think of Switzerland, you think of mountains: the Alps, and of course the Alpine cows with their famously pure, creamy milk; the secret of Swiss chocolate that has almost become a synonym for exclusive, refined milk chocolate. Swiss milk chocolate is appreciated worldwide for its stunning creaminess and purity.
Barry Callebaut’s most famous gourmet brands produce and sell French chocolate and Swiss chocolate as well as Belgian chocolate: Cacao Barry® in France, Carma® in Switzerland and Callebaut® in Belgium. These are the three world-renowned chocolate brands for the artisan chocolatiers, pastry chefs and chefs de cuisine.

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